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Model 3610-V-EX with Optional Extended Scrubber barrel section

Tons Per Hour


Gold Recovery

$51,980 USD

Includes Wash Plant With Sluice Box For Gold Recovery

Diamond / Gemstone / Gold Recovery

$85,680 USD

Includes Wash Plant With 42” (1,066mm) Pan-American Duplex Jig


LengthStandard: 156" / 3,962mm
EX: 204" / 5,181mm
Width90" / 2,286mm
Height90" / 2,286mm
Weight7,500lbs / 3,402kg-
(Depending on options)
Scrubber Barrel LengthStandard: 48” / 1,219mm
EX: 96" / 2,438mm
Screen Barrel Length60” / 1,524mm
Barrel Diameter36” / 914mm
Barrel Speed Fully Adjustable By Way Of On-Board VDF1-13 RPM
Electric Drive System230V - single phase (50 or 60 Hz. compatible)
(3-phase/22Kw minimum generator recommended)
Schedule B Code8474.10.0010
Water Requirements600+ US-GPMs Preferred
Gold Sluice DimensionsLength: 12'L / 3,657mm as standard (With other options available)
Width: 36” / 914mm
Optional Diamond / Gemstone Pan-American Duplex JigSize: 42" x 42"
Capacity Y3/Hr: 20-30
See full specs below
Hopper Feed Dimensions (Dump Area)Length: 96” / 2,438mm
Width: 78” / 1,676mm
Height: 12" / 304mm
Grizzly bar spacing - 5” (127mm)
Wheeled Or Skid Based UnitsAvailable Upon Request


Gold Recovery
Includes Sluice Box
Diamond / Gemstone / Gold Recovery
Includes 42” (1,066mm) Pan-American Duplex Jig
EX Model With Extended Scrubber Barrel (doubles the scrubber barrel length)$5,900
Fender Kit$450
Trailer Brakes With Lights Kit$790
Sluice Box Locking Security Screens$1,090
Extended Sluice Box
(additional 24in)
Spare Parts Kit - Standard$760
Spare Parts Kit - EX$820


Size42" x 42"
Capacity Y3 / Hour20 - 30
Maximum Feed Size1/2"
Concentration Ratios300:1
Hutch Water Requirements gal/min/cell40 - 100
Length Of Stroke (Inches)3/4 to 11/2
Stroke Frequency120 - 140
Ragging Bed, 3/16” Steel Shot / Cell lbs:400
Power required (Hp)3
Shipping Dimensions (W x L x H)46" x 88" x 66"

The 3610-V Wash Plant is designed for commercial mining. This unit is a versatile & mobile placer processing plant that is virtually “plug and play”. It is a self contained, portable unit that is well suited for medium scale commercial mining. Its mobility is specially suited to move up and down the alluvial plain, moving the plant to the ore instead of excavating and hauling ore to a stationary plant. It’s designed to be easy to operate with low maintenance. It is extremely durable and dependable, perfect for hassle free service at remote locations.

This Wash Plant is offered in two different styles for either gold recovery or Diamond/Gemstone recovery.

The gold recovery model includes a matching sluice box gold recovery system that is 12’ long x 36” wide (3,657mm long x 9,14mm wide). Different lengths are available upon request.

The Diamond / Gemstone recovery model replaces the sluice box with a matched to size 42” (1,066mm) Duplex Pan-American Diamond Jig recovery system.



The model 3610-V Portable Trommel Wash Plant is a 50+ Ton/Hour Wash Plant that is an electric driven model that can be powered by a portable generator (3-phase 22Kw or larger). Included is a vibrating “Pan-Feeder” style hopper that features a large feed area measuring in at Length: 96” long x 78” wide (2,438mm long x 1,981mm wide).

The 3610-V Trommel Wash Plant is an electric driven unit. An over sized 15-Hp Electric motor drives the barrel by way of an over sized chain drive reduction system for a long dependable service life. Final drive is 10-rpms.

This Wash Plant features a 2 stage / 2-piece – 36” (914mm) Diameter Barrel with an overall length of 11′ (3,352mm). Optional EX model has a 15’ (4572mm) barrel length.

Inside the 4′ (1,219mm) or EX model 8’ (2,438mm) “Scrubber” section of the barrel are sequentially spaced heavy duty slurry turn plates and dams to hold the slurry in the barrel for the best possible clay breakdown. The screen section of the barrel classifies to 1/2″ minus (other sizes available) and is 5′ (1,524mm) in length giving 6,782 sq. inches (172,263mm) of overall screen area 2.5 times more screen area of other similar sized wash plants on the market.) In the tail section of the barrel are two “nugget catch” rings for retention of over-sized values.

The main feed hopper is a vibrating “Pan Feeder” design powered by a Genuine “OLI” brand vibrating motor this design eliminates all pulleys & belts and increases durability & reliability. The vibrating feed hopper
enables a better feed rate adjustment as well as a longer wash duration of oversize material before discard & is fully adjustable in angle. The “dump area” on the over sized Feed Hopper measures: 96″L x
78″W x 12″H. The classification “grizzly” is set to an initial size of 5″ (127mm). The hopper comes complete with two full width adjustable 2″ diameter spray bars located directly above the classification grizzly and two additional spray bars that run the length of the sides in the dump area of the hopper. There are five spray bars total for this unit and they are each set on their own gate valves for the ultimate in water flow adjustment.

All trailer based units are sold as off-road use only.



Designed For Commercial Mining


Made In The USA


Best Recovery Percentages On The Market


Easy To Setup & Operate


Low Maintenance


Extremely Durable And Dependable


Perfect For Hassle Free Service At Remote Locations


Worldwide Shipping Via Sea Container

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